Top 10 Favorite Graphic Novels


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Top 10 All-time Favorite Books in the genre of your choice, and I am choosing graphic novels. I was not a comics fan when I was growing up, and although I purchased graphic novels for my high school classroom library, I didn’t read them myself. I thought they were easy books for reluctant readers.

And then I read Shaun Tan’s The Arrival.

Which required asking my husband to do a think-aloud of every page so that I could make sure I was understanding it.


And ever since then, I’ve been a huge graphic novels fan.

I include graphic novels in every course I teach, even the British Literature survey course (Brit Lit to 1700). We do Gareth Hinds’s sublime adaptation of Beowulf.

This is one of those lists that might be completely different if I wrote it tomorrow, but for today, right now, here’s my all-time favorite Top Ten:

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odd ducksafe


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Graphic Novels

  1. Have you read Art Spiegelman’s MAUS or Raymond Briggs’ WHEN THE WIND BLOWS? Both are real winners in my book. Also a nice addition to a collection, and to give a good overview of the process (although it’s a bit dated), Will Eisner’s COMICS AND SEQUENTIAL ART shows one how a graphic novel can be created. As a young person I found it a priceless resource.

    And I agree with you, Shaun Tan’s THE ARRIVAL is a masterpiece. šŸ™‚

  2. The Tan, Castellucci, Small, Delisle, Satrapi, and Barry. For starters! I’m already wondering where to put the graphic novel shelf! šŸ™‚ Sean says he has a few too, but he hasn’t read any of the above ones, and is looking forward to doing so. A family purchase, you see….

    • You have some seriously delightful reading in store for you and for Sean! I’ve read all of Delisle’s graphic novel travel memoirs, and I love them all. I am such a Cecil Castellucci fan. I actually met her at the NCTE conference a couple of years ago. I was walking by her signing booth and she stopped me and said, “Do I know you?” And I said no, and she said, Huh. You look like somebody I would know and like. Fan for life! (Though I was actually a big fan before.) The Arrival is wordless and actually a hard read if you aren’t fairly adept at reading graphic novels, or it was for me anyway. It was my first graphic novel, and I actually had to have Ryan read each page with me and explain what was going on. I was so frustrated! Let me know what you think once you start reading!

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