Celebrate Cats! #celebratelu

celebrate link up

I’m participating in Ruth Ayres’s weekly Celebration.

This week, I’m celebrating cats! I haven’t posted any cat photos for awhile, and I am sure that all my readers have been wondering what has been happening in my cats’ lives over the past few weeks. (Hint: it involves a lot of sleep.) I have six indoor cats, which I realize puts me somewhere over the line into crazy cat lady territory, but they are one of the delights of my life. I think my husband, who cleans the cat boxes, imagines a life with fewer cats, but I think six is a nice round number. If it looks like we never make our bed, it’s because we don’t: there’s always a pile of cats on it.



babyperfect franceswithcats puckandlo catsinchair abbytongue boys dopey one and two longferg


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