Sunday Salon: Weekly Links 1/5/14

Sunday Salon

My mom is going to love National Geographic’s Year in Review.

LOL my thesis asks scholars to summarize their research in one sentence.

Kevin Hodgson is curating some excellent magazines with education-focused content.

Dylan Teut has a lovely post about the difference between being a book hoarder and a book lover. Plus, pretty cat alert!

I loved Gigi McAllister’s Nerdy Book Club post about her struggles to help her daughter love to read and the book that made the difference.

KidLit Frenzy is hosting a Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge that I may have to join.

Sunili Govinnage has a thought-provoking piece at The Guardian about why she will only read authors of color in 2014.

Kelsey reflects on 2013 in Books. I hope she sets a challenging reading goal for herself in 2014!

Alpha Reader’s 2013 Best of list features some new-to-me titles.

I like the ways that Jillian Heise and her students display their reading.

Renee Boss shares 5 things she’s learned in 2 years of blogging–with links to some of her best posts! If you aren’t following her blog, this is the perfect post to read first.

Tara at A Teaching Life reflects on what she has taught for the first half of the school year.

This is an older post but well worth reading, especially for any of my Methods students: Teaching in an Era of Stupid Rules.

The New York Times has an interesting infographic of the U.S. poverty map.

Want to embed a tweet in a blog post? The Daring Librarian shows you how in 4 easy steps.

Looking for some new TV shows to watch in 2014? Check out Ana’s Best of 2013 TV post.

This review makes me want to read Lorraine York’s new book about Margaret Atwood and literary celebrity.

Need to expand your TBR list? The Cybils Finalists have been announced.

If you don’t read The Book Smugglers’ blog, you really should. Here’s their year-end favorites round-up post to get you started.

And if that doesn’t give you enough to read, you’ll be all set after you read the #MustReadin2014 posts.

If you write, you should definitely check out YA author Christa Desir’s post about what she learned in 2013.

I absolutely love cartoonist Mike Holmes’s project of drawing himself and his plump cat, Ella, in the style of different comics artists.

I’ve got several links to share about Minnesota Public Radio’s recent YA brouhaha. First, here’s the original poll about the best YA novel: only 5 of the 10 books in the poll really qualify as YA.  The comments are the important thing here–some really thoughtful remarks about how we define YA and why it actually matters. YA novelist Pete Hautmann explained why heads were exploding over this poll. And Kelly Barnhill has a couple of great pieces on the controversy: The Magic of Middle Grade and the really gorgeous When Books Are Touchstones. We’ll be exploring what happened during their YA week early in the semester in Adolescent Lit because it brings up so many important issues we need to talk about. YA author Carrie Mesrobian was a guest on MPR and had so many smart things to say about YA lit and teenagers.

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