Sunday Salon: The Week’s Links



Doug Belshaw shared a couple of interesting stories in his weekly newsletter, Things I Learned This Week. (You might want to consider subscribing: there’s always interesting stuff.) Penelope Lively reflects on what it’s like to be 80 (hint: she reads a lot). And it turns out that getting an extra hour of sleep is really healthy.

I really want to explore the Make Bank.

This post about Rap Genius makes it sound like a must-use tool for collaborative learning and annotation.

Adeline Koh shares a draft of her syllabus for a Digital Humanities course.

I thought David Gilmour’s comments about teaching women writers in his literature courses had to be a joke, because nobody could possibly talk like that, right? Holger Syme has written the best possible response to Gilmour. Hilarious!

Cory Eckert’s thoughtful post on Privilege, Intention, and Imposter Syndrome has been all over the web this week.

Justin Tarte talks about grades.

A Foodie Bibliophile has some thoughts about avoiding the expensive purchase prices of audiobooks.

Just in time for Connected Educator Month are these updated Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators.

I don’t quite get Alice Munro, so I found this defense quite helpful.

There was an excellent article in The Chronicle about How to Write a Good Book Proposal.


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