Frances in Photos

frances and fergus

frances and laundry

frances adn xander

frances and abby

frances and roxy1

frances and roxy2

frances and roxy

frances toes


3 thoughts on “Frances in Photos

  1. She’s so dainty! I particularly like the one where she is ensconsed on another cat (Fergus?). And then of course the ones with the pretty pittie. Roxy has a superb snout!

    • Yes, that’s Fergus she has climbed on. She is constantly clambering around on the other cats–well, except for Lola and Xander, who send rather strong “Don’t touch me or even look at me” signals. Frances adores Roxy, but I’m not sure how much Roxy really reciprocates. She tolerates Frances, but I think she’s gotten too old to really appreciate a kitten’s energy.

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