Why Blog Daily? #EdBDaily

Monday evening, I happened upon a post by Shawn White detailing his intention to start a new blogging challenge: 365 days of blogging. Several other educators in his PLN were planning to join him.

I have a novel to finish in the month of September, plus NaNoWriMo coming up in November, plus, you know, regular daily life and work, so the idea of a daily blogging challenge seemed much too daunting. Besides, if I’m blogging every day, aren’t I going to end up multiplying words simply for the sake of getting my daily post in?

But by Tuesday morning, I was in.

As I’ve written before, a daily challenge helps me follow through on my commitment to writing. I do best, in fact, when I set a daily goal and stick to it no matter what. That’s true with exercise, eating enough fruits and vegetables, practicing gratitude, writing, any kind of good-for-me habit.

Blogging is one of the first things I skip when I get busy or “busy.” Because sometimes I am really busy. But often, it’s more like I’m “busy.” I could find the time for a quick post if I really wanted to, but I justify not doing it by thinking about how many other things I should be doing. And then I find plenty of time for watching sports, writing emails, scrolling through Facebook. Hence, “busy.” (Though watching sports really IS important.)

I love Katherine Sokolowski’s idea of “seeds“–all the little teaching moments that happen each day that I would like to capture but don’t. And then they scatter and disappear.

A daily blogging challenge encourages me to collect those seeds.

It also encourages me to do something I struggle with: write fast. I like to polish and hone and think and rework and let it sit for awhile and then go through that whole process a few more times. All before publishing a blog post that by its very nature is supposed to be immediate.

Shawn White captures this perfectly:

perhaps writing entails a deeper, refined process whereas blogging is acceptably a real-time posting of thoughts and ideas without need for such refinement

Without such refinement, I often feel like my thoughts are half-baked.

But I also like the idea of working through an idea over several different blog posts.

Search for the #EdBDaily hashtag on Twitter to find other educators who are participating.  


2 thoughts on “Why Blog Daily? #EdBDaily

  1. Good luck! i”m sure it will be great! I definitely am not quite there yet! But if I can keep this blog going – then, that is good! Like you, blogging is the first to go, but if I can keep it afloat this year, that is a good first year goal for me!

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