It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 9/2/13



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We read a few picture books this week, but nothing very memorable. I had planned a big library trip on Saturday–only to find that the library was CLOSED. So now we are on the dregs of our last library stash–a few random books left that nobody remembers now why we wanted to check out in the first place. But perhaps there will be some surprises.



I’ve read The Thief probably six or seven times now. This series is one of my very favorites. Jeff Woodman does a wonderful job narrating this series on audio. The Queen of Attolia is up next, and then The King of Attolia, my favorite of the series.

happier at home



I have been in the middle of this book since shortly after it was published. I finally made a push this week to finish it. It made for an enjoyable bedtime read.




Sally Warner’s chapter book was a big hit with my two boys. They’re excited to read the rest of the series. And I love a book featuring black kids that isn’t about slavery or Civil Rights!

regarding the fountain


Maggie loaned me this very entertaining epistolary novel written by Kate Klise and delightfully illustrated by Sarah Klise. It’s really rare for anyone to pick out a book with me in mind, and I have to say, I loved it! (Probably because I’m usually the one loaning out the books.) Such fun! And there are more in the series! Will definitely be looking for more books by Klise. Thanks, Maggie!

What are you planning to read this week?



8 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 9/2/13

  1. Regarding the Fountain is such a fun title. I read it years ago and was pleased to see it shared as a read aloud in my daughter’s class. I haven’t read other titles in the series but did read Homesick, a novel about a boy who lives with his Dad and has to deal with hoarding. A very interesting read.

    • Haven’t heard of Homesick–will look for that one. I was also wondering how Regarding would work as a read-aloud. I’m thinking my kids might get really confused, but they are English Language Learners, so the structure might be too complex. Worth a try though!

  2. Ell Ray Jakes is not a Chicken was a Texas Bluebonnet nominee a few years ago. My poor books fell apart from use and not being well bound. I like that that Ell Ray is a series book for younger readers.

    • The state book awards identify such wonderful titles! In South Dakota, we have the Prairie Pasque, and I often find great and unknown-to-me books through those lists of nominees. (Also a great way for our library to expand its collection since it purchases all the winners!)

  3. Kate and M Sarah Klise are two of my favorite author/illustrator sisters-tandem. I’ve read Regarding the Sink but haven’t gotten around to borrowing this one yet. I am sure it’s great though. You might also want to check out their “Over my dead body” series. 🙂

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