Introducing Frances

I am super distracted today–though trying to get my Monday reading post up, as well as participate in #teacherswrite and do a post about that. Here’s what’s distracting me:



It’s Frances! Now probably the last thing we need in this house is another cat. But isn’t she cute? I had been thinking that what our house was missing was a creamsicle boy kitten named Seamus, but it turns out it was a female gray and white kitten with extra toes named Frances!

In getting Frances, we broke my one rule about kittens: always get two. That way, they entertain themselves. And I am already regretting having just one. Because the five other cats want nothing to do with her right now–though Fergus is beginning to come around. And so we are her only play things. When unsupervised by grown-ups, she makes her own fun. Chewing electrical cords, climbing curtains, falling off of curtains. That sort of thing. So she is either having interactive, supervised playtime or she’s in the dog crate, which has been temporarily re-purposed as her safe living space. It’s roomy yet cozy, though she did discover yesterday that she can scale its walls and hang upside down from its roof, so we had to add some cushioning to protect tiny kitten bones.

I am going to be very happy when one of the other cats gives in and decides to play with her! All she needs is a flooping tail! And we have five of those at the ready! It would be so easy!


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