It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 6/17/13

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I had intended to read one professional development book each week over the summer and brought home a truly dizzying pile from my office and the college library, and while I have dipped in here and there over the past month, I haven’t really made much progress. But this week, I finally finished two:


Clare Landrigran & Tammy Mulligan’s Assessment in Perspective: Focusing on the Reader Behind the Numbers


And Peter Johnston’s Choice Words. I’ll be posting longer reviews of both books later in the week.

step from heaven

An Na won the Printz Award in 2002 for her first novel, A Step from Heaven, which tells the story of a Korean immigrant, Young Ju. The novel is impressionistic and clearly owes something of its structure and technique to Sandra Cisneros’s House on Mango Street. I admired this novel quite a bit, but it’s not really a fun read. Young Ju’s father is an abusive alcoholic, and she is also the victim of culturally traditional and oppressive roles for women. There is an uplifting ending, but overall, it’s a fairly bleak tale. Still, lovely writing and well deserving of the Printz. An Na has a very elegant website as well.

sara pennypacker

I read Sara Pennypacker’s short novel, Stuart’s Cape, aloud to the boys. It’s Sara Pennypacker, so of course it’s good!

better than life

I wrote about Daniel Pennac’s Better Than Life last week.

We also read 25 or so picture books. My favorites were:


big guy


And some of the art in:


Especially the pictures where the kitten, Rose, imagines that she is actually a Great Dane and Pinkerton imagines that he is actually a kitten.

What have you been reading this week?



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