Friday Finds: Stuff I’ve Been Reading Online

I have so many reading challenges going right now, I’m really not sure if I should take on another, but I am intrigued by #cyberPD, an online professional development reading event hosted by My Primary Passion, Reflect and Refine, and Our Camp Read-a-lot. The book they’ve chosen this year is Alan November’s Who Owns the Learning?: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age. It looks interesting, plus one of the reviews mention it’s short, and I dearly love a short PD book. The discussion doesn’t start until July, so I have plenty of time to read the book–and I went ahead and ordered it for my Kindle this morning. So I’m probably in.

Justine Larbalestier shares her tips for Twitter Etiquette, though really it’s more a post about how awesome Twitter it is. And it is. Really awesome.

Did you know Lego faces are getting angrier? If you didn’t even realize that Legos have faces, I’m sure you didn’t know there are a lot of angry ones. But regardless, you should click through to the NPR article because it’s interesting and weird.

How many children should women writers have? Rebecca Mead reports.

First Book announces a project to address the appalling lack of diversity in children’s books.

I know my mom in particular will be interested in this article about cats vs birds. (Hint: cats seem to be winning by a fairly large margin.)

Teri Lesesne explains why school shouldn’t be like McDonalds.

The Twitterverse and the blogosphere have been busy debating and debunking the latest “research” published by Accelerated Reader, which of course makes all sorts of dire claims about adolescent literacy in an effort to push its own product. Sarah’s powerful piece at The Reading Zone is a must-read.

I loved this short post at Kevin’s Meandering Mind about how he uses stuffed animals as writing prompts. The photo is especially lovely.

Obligatory recipe: Upside Down Lemon Loaf Cake. Yum!


One thought on “Friday Finds: Stuff I’ve Been Reading Online

  1. I read the article from The Reading Zone. Is there a way to follow her page without subscribing to it? I wasn’t sure what to click on… and being new to the site- I don’t want to get click happy and end up having something unwanted in my email or on my computer. The article was definitely powerful as you said. I remember having books from elementary classes that were classified as “Reading Counts”. The more points you accumulated, then you were able to go to the library pizza and ice cream party at the end of a semester. Now the issue I found with this, which I even knew I was in the wrong in the third grade, was that I only read 3rd grade level books in order to accumulate more points. When in reality, I was at a fourth or fifth grade reading level. Yes, it initiated independent reading, but I was never challenged in the way I should have been. Something to think about when using Accelerating Reading or Token system such as Reading Counts.

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