Barbara Pym Reading Week

Pym Logo Blue

To celebrate Barbara Pym’s centenary, Thomas at My Porch and Amanda at Fig and Thistle  are hosting Barbara Pym Reading Week from June 1-8. Amanda has put together a fascinating collection of Pym-related materials on Pinterest and readers can tweet about their Pym reading using #PymReadingWeek and #BarbaraPym100.

I am reading Pym’s posthumously published novel, Crampton Hodnet, which I don’t think I’ve read before. All of Pym’s novels kind of run together in my head, and in any case, I read them long ago and don’t remember their details, only that I loved them. I am pretty sure that Excellent Women (a superb novel which I reread last year) and A Glass of Blessings were my favorites, but who can be sure? I am looking forward to reading posts and reviews of her work next week, finding out more about her life, and perhaps hatching some new reading plans.


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