Vegas Haiku

Inspired by The Paper Graders’ NCTE Day2 Haikus, I have written my own series of haikus (not strict) about the experience of being in Las Vegas. I’ll do another post later on about the NCTE conference, which has been wonderful.

I should probably also learn how to use spam filters since I am about to use the word “porn” for the second time. This is a blog about writing and teaching and books and words and stuff like that. I swear!

 Each hotel, signature scent

Excalibur coconut

Did knights drink pina coladas?



Porn on the streets

“Hot girls in twenty minutes”

Prostitution is legal



Bachelorette party

Girls in too tight dresses

Jello shots from the bar



Extremely bad shows

Criss Angel, David Copperfield, Carrot Top

My idea of hell



Tourists videotape

Bellagio Fountain show

Proud to be American



When people complain about Vegas

All I can say is

There is a roller coaster in a hotel



Roller coaster in hotel

Lady Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge

Compensate for much


One thought on “Vegas Haiku

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